Music Education Programs:

Course offerings traditionally held in Schools, Universities, small theaters, Yoga studios, and community centers.

Stephanie Heidemann - Authentic Voicework

Sacred Chant (Experiential)

Exploring devotional Chant (along with a little History lesson) from 11th Century Germany & 13th Century Spain. Hildegard von Bingen to King Alfonso X. Celestial, harmonic, soaring melodies. (1.5hr)

Authentic Voicework (Experiential)

This class is about becoming comfortable with the voice and expression in your own body. All levels welcome. This class is designed to relax the body, breathing and all mechanisms of singing. Students will learn songs, rounds, and to improvise in a supportive and intimate environment. Involves Breathwork, Relaxation techniques, and Movement More information at (2 hr to 2-day formats available)

World Music Vocal Styles & Songs (Experiential & Demonstrative)

Students learn qualities of music from around the world such as Polyrhythm, unconventional harmonies found in world folk music, as well as the storytelling nature of world music. Students learn Celtic, African, and folk songs from around the world. (1.5 hr)

Sound & Silence (Demonstrative & Experiential)

This workshop focuses on the meditative qualities of repetitive rhythms and mantra, used for finding the stillness within, and beyond. Involves Breathwork, Rhythmic exercises, relationships with harmony. Through drumming, playing idiophones, and singing, the basics of pulse, rhythm and harmonizing are explored. Includes discussion of trance-experience in music from around the world. (2 hr)

Rhythm Theory & Percussion Workshop (Master Class)

Join Rhythm Guru Julian Douglas as he explores his concept of rhythm theory through themes & topics such as the “Anatomy of Rhythm”, “Rhythm as motion”, “sacred sound space” and “Shapes of time-on meter, syncopation & clusters”. Intermediate to Advanced. (1.5hr to 1 day workshop)