Seeking Kindred Spirits

Do you live around the gulf coast of Florida and play strange and beautiful music?

The Resonance Project is seeking interesting musicians for short term and long term collaboration and experimentation

If the following statements are true

  • You believe it’s important to be a good person – which includes treating people with respect regardless of race, religion, class or sexual orientation
  • Your instrument is your creative voice, when you play, you and it are one
  • You enjoy improvising
  • You are comfortable playing structured/prepared/written music
  • You are comfortable in uncommon time signatures
  • You like to rehearse
  • You value professionalism
  • You like to solo
  • You like to groove
  • And you appreciate at least two of these:

  • World Music
  • New Music
  • Contemporary Improvisational music
  • Early Music
  • Experimental music
  • We would like to talk to you!

    Seeking vocalists, piano, keyboards, accordion, oud, guitar, lute, cello, violin, viola, viola de gamba, double bass, electric bass, acoustic bass, banjo, mandolin, flute, clarinet, oboe, soprano sax, erhu, vibes, marimba, or some other instrument not listed here

    Please check out the following music, if you like the vision expressed in this music, please fill out this form.