Robert Speed



Robert Speed is a keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist songwriter, performer, and producer with more than 40 years in the studio and on the stage. His musical experiences include jazz, classical, rock, funk, R&B, country, blues, pop, and experimental music.

Robert is known for his versatiliity, his original approach to rendering harmony, and an advanced rhythmic sensibility. He brings all of this together with powerful musicality and rare expressiveness.

Robert’s professional history includes appearances with such notable artists as Ray Parker Jr. (Ghostbusters theme), Roger Troutman, Rick James, Kix and New Horizons. He received honorable mention at The American Film Festival for a soundtrack created for a documentary on MS (A conjunctive of Jerry’s Telethon).

In addition to decades of performing and recording piano, synthesizers, organ, and percussion in various musical settings, Robert has also received his BA at Marietta College and has had 5 years of classical training as well as 5 years of jazz improvisation).

Most recently, Robert has been working with Early/World fusion artists Stephanie Heidemann and Julian Douglas as keyboardist/pianist and percussionist for The Resonance Project. The performance oriented ensemble focuses on the integration of historical and multi-cultural muical sources and influences into a novel, synergistic, musical experience.